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Sex offenders

             "She arrived to find [her coach] alone. Wearing a bathrobe and sitting on a Japanese floor mat, as she recalls it. Butler said, " sit here," and patted the mat beside him. Bremner sat down. "No. Sit closer," Butler said. Bremner did. " All of a sudden he leaned over and kissed me --he forced his tongue in my mouth and put his hand up my shirt and fondled me," she says. Bremner recalls being "frozen with fear"" ("Betrayed"). That is coming from a star player, and the setter of a very structured and disciplined volleyball team. Butler, the offender (and coach of this team), did not only have sexual intercourse with just this girl but many others too, some even at the same time - as most sex offenders often do. She was a virgin and he stole that from her by slowly pulling her, trapping her in his sly seducing acts. This went on for three or more years. Sex-offenders are people who have many problems and they target those who are most vulnerable. They are everywhere. Though some say that sex-offenders who have been sentenced and served should get their rights back because they have changed, others say they will not change, because they go into the same atmosphere they have been without. No one has any idea who they are so they get a new life and are able to start over again. Sex offenders in any circumstance should not receive their rights back because they violated someone else's, they are a danger to children/teen; thus become a danger to all of society. .
             By violating someone's rights, sex offenders should not receive their rights back because, they seduce their victims swiftly, they take advantage -steal their victims self respect, force them to perform sexual or sex related tasks, and leave their victims with no control. To start, sex offenders trap their victims and slowly take over them, to the point where they (the offender) have complete control. Then they seduce them.

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