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            Basically e-business happens when financial transaction, buying and selling of merchandise are involved. The "e" in front simply means electronic where people buy and sell product using Internet connection or even WAP services. WAP is another type of connection where it is normally available in mobile phones or palm tools. Actually e-business works the same like the traditional offline transaction where suppliers, producers, retailers and consumer are still involve and they both perform producing and buying like old times. The only difference between the online and offline transaction is the user do not need to go to shopping mall or retail store to make their purchase because they can make their purchase online at home, office or any place where they can get connected without going out. By using Internet, not only it will make purchase much easier but I can also tell where to get the best quality and cheapest price by just clicking on the computer. Detail information will also be provided from the Internet such as the ingredients, materials and many more for customer to get better idea on the particular product. Although e-business provides opportunity of improving the ways of conducting a business there are still many people who still felt unsecured on the Internet transactions.
             In a secure electronic transaction, it is an automatic online process where more security means more convenience because it will build consumer's confidence and trust for using Internet transaction online when the security is good. Cash will not be required because user can either use credit card or cheque number to perform business transactions where all the users" information will be kept as private and confidential to ensure that consumer will feel safe to buy products and services. Consumer also benefit from not being rob or any other unwanted accident because they do not need to carry any amount of cash with them while purchasing goods.

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