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Vernon Johns

            The movie we saw was about a famous African American who was a Radical Republican. Vernon John wanted peace and equality between the races in our nation specially between the blacks and whites. The movie shows in detail how things like the Jim Crow Laws limited the rights of blacks, and Mr. John's wanted to make a change. He was a Radical Republican and challenged things such as the Jim Crow Laws and the Black Codes to prove that everyone deserves the same rights and freedom. The movie shows him fighting and struggling in life to get the respect that him and his family deserves. He moves into the town his family lives in and end up being one of the pastures of the church. He shows people that they should speak up for themselves and not go by what the whites think is right. He gives people hopes and dreams to be something better in life by using their courage and fighting for their rights. Vernon even looses one of his very brave friends because he showed him loyalty and when his friend went to stick up for a black person getting beat up by cops, he got shot and killed. Vernon wanted the best for his family and wife so he did all he could in a radical way to show that all people deserve anything and that we are all equal no matter what the color of our skin, and they show all this in the movie. One part of the movie that bothered me was when one of Vernon's friend that worked with him got killed just because he was sticking up for another black man. Vernon's friend looked at a crowd of people just looking at a man getting beat by cops and they did nothing about it because of intimidation. He knew this was not right so he thought about Vernon and what he would do in a case like this. So he stood up for the man getting beat and he ended up getting beat also. He was resisting against the cops for his life and he ended up getting shot and killed. He was a very brave man and I respect him for that.

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