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George Washington

             George Washington was born first son of Augustine Washington and second wife, Mary Ball Washington, in Westmoreland, VA, on February 22, 1732. Washington was a surveyor, farmer, and soldier who became the first president of the United States of America.
             Washington set out as a surveyor of the Blue Ridge in 1748. He was appointed in 1749 to his first public office as surveyor to the Culpeper Co. and also to his half-brother's company the Ohio Co. With the death of his half-brother, Lawrence, Washington inherited some of Lawrence's duties as adjutant of the colony. So, in 1752, Washington was in charge of training the militia, which made him "Major" Washington at the age of 20. .
             In 1758, Washington left the army when he was assured that the French would no longer attack the Virginia frontier. He returned to Mount Vernon to refurbish his estate and also to construct new buildings and experiment with crops. He married Martha Dandridge Custis, a wealthy youthful widow, in 1759. They had no children together however he adopted her two children from her previous marriage. .
             Washington entered into politics in Virginia's House of Burgesses during 1759-1774. He became a leader in Virginia's opposition to Great Britain in 1769. He was delegated to the first and second Continental Congress during 1774-1775. In 1775 he was the unanimous choice in Congress as commander in chief of the Continental forces. .
             Following the war Washington returned to Mount Vernon. He attempted to steer away from any participation in Virginia politics with the intention that he would be able to concentrate on restoring Mount Vernon. He constructed a greenhouse, a mill, an icehouse, and new land to the estate. He experimented with crop rotation, bred hunting dogs and horses, and investigated the development of Potomac River navigation. .
             At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, he was unanimously elected as presiding officer.

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