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George Washington

             First President of the United States: 1789-1797.
             Place of Birth: Westmoreland County, Virginia.
             Wife: Martha Dandridge Washington was not at home in the role of First Lady, she wasn't terribly active in the social side of it and had to a niece once that she"d much rather be home.
             Children: John Parke Custis and Martha Parke Custis, both step children to Washington.
             Education: School in Fredericksburg. Studied various subjects on his on.
             Year Elected: 1789.
             Important Events During Administration: The Building of the United States, The French Revolution was going on, Revolutionary declared war on Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands, and the Whiskey Rebellion.
             Accomplishments: President led the brand new nation into the world. He helped build the early traces of tradition which our government relies on today.
             Failures: N/A.
             Skills and Qualities that made him an effective leader: Washington was a natural leader who thought things through and did things fairly. These Qualities helped him become a great Military leader and the greatest President ever.
             Political Party: Federalist .
             Legacy: George Washington's legacy is a good one, he is thought of by many as the best President even to be in office. He is best known for leading the country through a time of infancy.
             Your opinion of hi Presidency: I believe his Presidency was flawless, he led the nation in a fair and strong manor even though the country was in it's infancy and the world was falling apart around the United States.

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