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The greatest story

             Has a friend ever told you a story that was so incredible that you thought he was making it up? Well that's what you"ll think of when you learn about J.R.R Tolkien's life, it is so incredible you"ll think its fake and made up. By learning about his life you"ll find out how his past helped create great novels for the future. You can tell how incredible his life had to be by reading the books that he wrote, specifically the Lord of the Rings novels. In these books Tolkien tells the ultimate story of the quest for good, the epic battle of right and wrong. Through experiencing war with his own eyes and living through the trenches of bloody World War One, Tolkien writes about extravagant battles and wars between good and evil in these Ring books. Tolkien incorporated Christian themes that helped raise him as a child into these classic novels, and his wide uses of vocabulary and great imagination combine with past and modern mythology comes from his years spent attending and teaching at Oxford University, helping create the Oxford English Dictionary, and studying old Norse Mythology. Although Tolkien might not have meant to incorporate these things in his wonderful novels, he did, and through this paper you"ll find out the reasons why. (Grotta 61,96,49).
             By the time Tolkien had finished his training with the 13th Reserve Battalion, he was not even twenty years old and England had been put on a total war footing. Food was rationed, women were working in munitions factories, the cities were blacked out because they were scared of naval or zeppelin attacks, a conscription bill was being talked about for the first time, newspapers were censored, and both social and economic pressures had all but destroyed the country. This is where Tolkien first realized that the simple working-class and rustic lads who had volunteered for the army as soon as war had been declared, and such men as the ones who fought under him in his platoon were models for the small, unimaginative hobbits who did their duty against impossible odds.

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