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The Bean Tree

             They are easy to talk to, to be with, easy tot rust and the easiest to fall inlove with. The relationship between Taylor and Estevan is the one that seems most intersting. Estevan was married and loved his wife, Esperanza. Taylor was single and was raising a child that was not hers to begin with. It was only fate that they would come to know eachother and a beautiful relationship would then blossom.
             We Know that taylor is first attracted when she descibes him as being a "dark, handsome man". Soon Taylor started developing a crush on him when she saw and heard him serenade beautifully to Esperanza who she felt never really noticed him as much as she should have. She notices his smile and it breaks her heart that she couldn't be the one being serenaded too. This seems to be the first few developing stages of "love". Does Tylor really hold any chances to a married man?.
             Estevan seemed to be somewhat interested in her complimenting and flirting with her in a vrey tasteful manner that is. Tehy start to learn more about eachother and come to respect one another. One night Estevan came by for some comfort after finding out that Esperanza had tried to kill herself. He ended up falling asleep on the couch with taylor. It was surely a moment of bliss for Taylor waking up in the arms of the man she truly adored and loved, bit soon enough reality came floooding back into her head realizing he was unavailable. She kissed his hands and left him alone. It just was not fair to her that he had to be so close and at the same time so distant.
             Sitting on a boat at Lake O' Cherokees, Estevan stripped himself of his shirt and sun bathed right there in front of Taylor. She wanted so bad to touch him and feel him up, but no, he is married! Why did he have to do such an awful and cruel thing; pulling at Taylor's heart strings. She longed so bad to tell him that she thought he was perfect and wonderful and she loved him.

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