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Symbolism in the Great Gatsby

             In almost every novel there is a form of symbolism. There are a number of instances where .
             symbolism is used in the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In a number of instances, .
             F. Scott Fitzgerald uses objects or situations symbolically. He uses a number of symbols to .
             represent a certain point or idea about something.
             The symbol in this novel that I noticed the most was the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg on the .
             billboard. This symbol, to me, portrays the eyes of God watching over everything. An example of .
             this would be at the end of chapter seven when Myrtle is hit by Daisy. The fact that daisy hit the .
             woman who was having an affair with her husband is ironic and shows that God was watching the sin .
             that was going on and ended it. Another example of this is when Machaelis went to the valley of .
             ashes to visit Wilson, when he notices that Wilson is looking at the billboard. When Machiaelis .
             asks him about it he replies that God sees everything.
             Another major symbol in this story would be the weather. I noticed that in a couple of .
             instances the weather seemed to tell the mood or predict what was going to happen. An example .
             of this would be when Gatsby and Daisy reunite. I noticed that at first the weather was very rainy, .
             while at the same time Gatsby was very nervous. But as soon as their love reawakens, the sun .
             begins to come out. Another example of this symbol would be at the end of the story when Gatsby .
             is killed, it was the last day of summer. Another example of the weather being symbolic could be .
             Gatsby's and Daisy's relationship. Once they reunite, the weather becomes very hot until the end .
             of the novel when it begins to cool down. .
             These are just a few examples of the symbolism in The Great Gatsby. There are a number .
             of other symbols throughout the story. Each of the symbols that he uses all have some kind of .
             special or hidden meaning meant for the reader to figure out.

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