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Teddy roosevelt essay

             The following paper you are about to read talks all about the president known as Theodore Roosevelt. In this paper you will find many goals he achieved while being a president, and also talk about him being in Harvard, and the time he spent out west after his horrific family tragedy. It will also include some facts about what he did in his military career.
             This paragraph specifically talks about Theodore Roosevelt before he became president. Roosevelt entered politics immediately after graduating as the class president f Harvard College. In 1881 Roosevelt showed the strength of his intention by winning the election allowing him to enter the New York State Assembly. He had successfully gained reelection two times before the personal catastrophe in his family happened. On February 14, 1884 Roosevelt's young wife died giving birth to their new born baby, but what was even worse was the fact that only a few hours earlier Roosevelt's mother had passed away. He decided to leave politics for a while, so he went out west leaving New York behind and heading towards Dakota Territory. There he became a buckled down, hardworking cattle rancher, that may have stuck out from the rest of them, but worked as hard if not twice as hard as the other ranchers did. Soon after entering the Dakota Territory he had earned the respect of the other cattle ranchers on the land. Two years later in 1886 a rough and treacherous winter occurred that wiped out most of his cattle herd. He felt it was time to go back home after that, so he left Dakota, and for the next 12 years he held various government positions.
             In this paragraph it talks about Roosevelt's military roles, and experience. One of the government jobs he had was the assistant secretary of the navy. It wasn't long before the United States went to war against Spain in 1898, and at that time Roosevelt resigned from his naval position, and he organized a group of volunteers t fight in this war with Spain.

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