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The Presidents

             The Presidents.
             Over the last 60 years, the presidents of the United States have had some long and arduous terms. They have had to deal with everything from war to economic failure. Some of the most prolific events ever, happened during the last 11 presidents. This essay will detail the life and times of some of our greatest leaders.
             Franklin Delano Roosevelt has lived through it all. In his first term, he faced the depression. Incredibly, he pulled us out of it with his New Deal. In his second term, Roosevelt tried hard to keep us out of WW2. He really felt that we didn't need to be sticking our nose in other peoples business. I really have to agree with him. There was no need, at the time, to enter the war. The only point in which we should've, and did, was after Pearl Harbor. Next for Roosevelt, came re-election again. He had now served 3 consecutive terms. The most ever by a president, or any political member to this date. Then, early into his fourth term, he died and was, for lack of a better word, replaced with Harry S (no period) Truman.
             Harry Truman was an odd president. He was Democrat, just like Roosevelt, because he took over in Teddies absence. He really felt differently about the way war and foreign affairs were being taken then they had been in quite a while. Right away, he sent us into Korea just to try and solve their civil war. Russia saw this as a possible allie of the U.S. and decided to also butt in. Then it was basically the U.S. vs. Russia, the first of the many Cold War incidents. During his presidency, Truman also called for the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The beginning of the nuclear era had begun. This was the beginning of the long and troublesome Cold War.
             Next came Dwight D. Eisenhower. Breaking the mold, as we normally do, Eisenhower was a Republican. He had set high standards from the beginning and planned to live up to them.

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