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The American President

             "The American President," is primarily a romantic comedy, about a Clinton-esque U. President, played by, Michael Douglas, who was elected after being widowed. Three years into his presidency, he started to date again, and became involved with an environmental lobbyist, played by, Annette Bening. They continued to pursue their relationship despite the political fireworks that had occurred. Now, the question is, is this story likely to happen in Washington D.C. today? I have a few different perspectives on that issue. In some ways, yes, I believe a few similar incidents that occurred in the movie could possibly happen today; then again, I believe that there are a variety of other cases in which it would be highly unlikely to happen in the present day government. .
             One example of what would be plausible in this day and age is when candidates criticize one another just to acquire more votes of the people. The candidates will condemn their opposed, whether they say things that are true or not. It's all about impressing the people. That is often called, "candidate bashing." Of course, that is just was Bob Rumson did; he basically called the President's girlfriend a "whore." He managed to find out tedious things about her that have absolutely nothing to do with the President or the election. His reason? It's simple, he wants people to get the impression the President was dating someone who may interfere with his ability to continue being President, either by influencing him to change his decisions and/or beliefs on certain issues, or by distracting him from what is really important, since the press are going to be focused on their intimacy, not what the President thinks about concerns in the world. Basically, the candidates are thinking, "win, win, win." They will do whatever it takes to accomplish becoming the president; whether that means stepping all over people along the way, or kissing up to even people you despise.

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