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United States & the Great War

             The Foreign Policies of Woodrow Wilson: Why America Entered the .
             First World War After Declaring Neutrality in 1914.
             The Great War was an incredible landmark in the history of mankind. The war brought about the destruction of imperial dynasties, the collapse and disintegration of empires, and virtually destroyed the European balance of power. For the United States, the Great War was equally as important as it emphasized the economic and military power that the United States would become. However, one question that Americans still face was the reasoning for declaring neutrality in 1914, then entering the war in 1917. Neutrality was declared in 1914 because Woodrow Wilson did not want to enter an area of conflict that was not concerned with American internal affairs. The Americans later entered the war due to the ongoing propaganda towards the Allies and various events that continued to change the American public opinion towards Germany.
             In 1914, it was easy for the United States to support neutrality. Americans felt distanced and somewhat detached from the conflict because the war was several thousand miles away. America did not see itself as being directly threatened in 1914, and the Germans had not made any direct threat towards the United States. In addition, the United States believed that the war in Europe did not concern it or its citizens. The American government was also of the view that entering the war in Europe would not be economically beneficial because the war potentially meant that America might be prevented from trading with opposing countries. The economic savings of not entering the war were significant as well; by not entering the war, the United States did not have to be concerned with the cost of supplies and mobilizing an army. .
             The political climate in the United States also favoured not going to war in large part because it was a country of immigrants, many of whom came from the countries embroiled in the war.

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