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Bless Me Ultima

            Throughout the book Bless Me Ultima, religion remained one of the major themes. The thing that intrigued me most about this book was the internal struggle Antonio dealt with in regards to the two different religions. His struggle with the two different beliefs and religions brought about a question in my mind. Can a person, such as Ultima, have the spirit of a witch and the soul of a Christian? .
             Pins in the shape of a cross fell down when Ultima walked by. She had the ability to heal people and undo evil curses. She understood the Earth and knew all of the mysteries of the llano. Her owl attacked an evildoer, and once the owl was killed, she died immediately after. Yet she went to church and understood the importance of religion and Catholicism. Ultima was very old when she came to live with Antonio's family because she could not live on her own any longer. Ultima is a very mysterious person. She has a great respect for the Earth, believes in the llano, and has alternative ways of curing people. She believes that everything on Earth has a spirit, and her out of body spirit in this book is an owl. Many people believe she is a bruja, which is the Hispanic term for witch because of her ability to heal people. On the same note, she understands and respects the Christian life as evident by her attending church with Antonio's family. Ultima definitely rides the fine line between the two beliefs. Because of this, I do believe she tends to be some of both. I believe it is possible for someone to have a spirit and a soul of different beliefs. .
             Many unexplained mysteries of Ultima are shown in this novel to prove that part of her has the spirit of a witch. The first one in the book was when Tenorio came with the town's people to the llano to kill Ultima. Ultima had put a curse on his daughters who where true witches that had previously put a curse on Antonio's Uncle. When the town's people arrived they decided to put two pins in the shape of a cross over the doorway.

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