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Bless Me Ultima

             What does Anaya have to say about good and evil in Bless Me Ultima? How and why does he develop this theme? Some things seem to be put in the story to prove a point, make you think, or connect something. There is good vs. evil in this story and it is put there for a reason. Looking at the characters is the best way to find the good vs. evil. .
             Tenorio is a good example of some of the evil in the story. Whenever Tony hears that he is around he gets the feeling that he or his daughters are going to either try some witchcraft or kill someone. There seems to be some sort of trouble ahead whenever he enters the story. Cry's from Ultima's owl warn him sometimes. Tony has kept an eye on Tenorio ever since he came to get Ultima for being a witch and supposedly cursing his daughters. When Narcisco and Tenerio fight under the Jupiter tree in the snowstorm he watches and wonders why and how could Tenorio kill Narcisco and get away with it? Isn't God there to stop these kinds of things? Tony seems to question his religion and how it could forgive people who commit such horrible sins. Anaya uses Tenorio as a way for Tony try to understand his religion and how things happen to people are good. Also why people that make mistakes and do bad things can still have a second chance.
             The Trementina sisters are used to in the novel to give Tenorio a way to get mad at Ultima for putting a curse on his daughters. That way he could accuse her of being a bruja. Even though his daughters are ones, he does not think so. They were put in the story to get Tenerio angry and also show another side of evil. Not the evil of killing someone but the evil of witchcraft.
             Rosie's house otherwise known as the "whore house" is also a different type of evil because it prevented his brother Andrew from helping Narcisco. He was too interested in the women in the house. Tony thinks of it as a place that sins where committed, and where you are too distracted to help a friend in need.

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