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Operation Overlord

            The american invasion into Normandy, then into the center of France, was a success which proved allied superiority, and was the breakthrough for the preceeding allied invasion towards Germany. Although the allies did achieve victory, due to imcompetent commanders and bad decisions many more allies were killed while prolonging the Normandy invasion. .
             The first day of the land on Normandy, June 6, proved to be a good start. The Americans had conquered Utah while the British had secured the Gold and Sword Beach. What proved to be a blood bath was the Amercan arrival at Omaha beach under Bradley's command. Because weather was lousy naval drop off targets were way off, and greeting to meet the Americans at the shore of Omaha beach was a German first class unit that bombarded the allies with bombs leaving 2500 Ameicans dead on the first day. Due to the severe number of casualties on the first day the German commander declared the Allied invasion of Omaha beach a disaster; therefore moving more offshore and resurfacing. Incredibly, Americans were able to conquer Omaho beach climbing onto the steep cliffs with the help of naval gunfires which took out a considerable amount of German soldiers. Also, Eisenhower, along with the RAF, constructed brilliant air campaigns which penetrated the German units allowing the allies to occupy the beaches of Normandy. .
             From then on it was a disaster for the Germans because they barely had any reinforcments and supplies due to heavy air raids on French transportations systems before the allies landed on Normandy. The Germans were very unprepared for a Normandy invasion and as a result embarked on little preparation defenses. There was no clear response if an invasion ever happened due to disagreement of strategies between Rommel and Rundstedt if an invasion were to occur leaving the military decisions solely up to Hitler when the invasion did occur. Throughout the war, the Germans were unable to gather a significant amount of intelligence , and it was because of this inability in Normandy, the Germans were unable to pinpoint where the Allies landed so they could act as swift as possible.

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