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Overlord Trouble

             In November 1943 The allie's leaders got together to discus plans of post Europe after the war. John Statlin, leader of Soivet Russia pleaded with the allies to open up a second front in Europe because Russia was getting hammered by Nazi Germany. Churchville And Roosevelt were hesistent to .
             send ground troops into Europe because they could expect big loss of troops. The allies had planned to give Stalin an invasion in 1942. The wish granted to Stalin never saw the light of day well at least Stalin never thought so. The operation that finally made an attack on France was dubbed "Operation Overlord.".
             Operation Overlord was setup to totally defeat Germany in the European Theater. This operation was to move weapons and equipment to Uk to mount a sea to land attack on German controlled France. The plan was to make a dent in France's coast line so that if more operations needed to be carried out they could be. More than 6000 vessels would be involved in the invasion, including 4000 landing craft and 130 warships for bombardment. 12,000 aircraft were to support the landings, including 1000 transports to fly in the parachute troops. 5000 tons of bombs would be dropped against the German defences. (Encyclopedia: Operation Overlord.) .
             The operation had 2 phases. Phase 1 was to capture a peice of land named Cherbourg, and to build airfield sites. Phase 2 was to expand the area caught in Phase 1. They also needed to capture Brittany peninsula and ports south of Loire. The only one who would give the orders would be the Presdient of the United States.

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