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The Brave New World

            Picture a world where one has no control over what they do. They are but puppets held up by the strings of an unknown puppeteer. He controls every action, every decision, and every thought. Now picture thousands of people controlled in this manner, living their lives from day to day as if nothing is wrong, or out of place. This is the type of society Aldous Huxley created in his novel the Brave New World. Aldous Huxley version of the world present a different but similar environment in which we live, controlled by overlords trying to build there perfect country. Although the masses were happy in the, there was no sense of individualism, and this is what inevitably results from trying to build a perfect society. By peering through the eyes of various people in Brave New World, the effects of losing individuality in society are seen. Another important factor in building a perfect society is how every factor of life is set, and both this world and Huxley's Brave New World both display what type of environment breeds conditions for loss of individuality. The way the novel is written also plays an important role in illustrating what individuals have lost due to the society taking away their uniqueness.
             The Brave New world shows the harsh results of the development of immense technology and how it can corrupt a society. A example of this form if technology is illustrated when we are shown the bokanoskification process early in the book. "One egg, one embryo, one adult normality. This is playing God with everyone's lives in the Brave new world. Using technology to predetermining everyone's lives before they even get a chance to think of having a choice in it. Randomly choosing high class of intelligence an low class a cycle of a meaning less life. Another form of technology that is used is Soma its an example of a medical psychological technology used to make the citizens of Central London feel happy when they are distressed happiness is stressed a lot in the society of the Brave New World.

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