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Race In America

            The racial issues have become less significant in today's society than in earlier days among the American people. In today's society, many improved racial equality measures have been taken in order to ensure that the people of the United States are treated as if in one social group. Although many actions have been done to improve the equality of the people of America, racial issues still exists. Race in my opinion is the perception that an individual have towards any social group and can see differences from a visual aspect. Even though racial profiling, in the earlier days were a top issue in America, it is dying out and is replaced with the equal standards of today's society.
             When studying the racial issues in America, one must ask the question "Is there such thing as race." As stated before my opinion is that race is perception from a visual aspect. One must have the visual component in order to determine if race really exists. For example, race would not exist in a blind person because simply they could not determine the person's race through sight. Since sight is the key factor to determining what race one is, then for that blind person, race would not exist. In my opinion, race is determined by the individual person. Many people in America do not consider themselves in a social group other than just Americans. Thus if race exists, it is within the individual person. .
             Because many people in today's society began to realize that the key factor in race is sight, race relations have dramatically changed since earlier days. In earlier days, race was the top issue with anything that was performed in America. The place one ate, where one lived, and how one lived was all determined by race. In today's society, racial issues of the past have been replaced by social status, hard work, and wealth. Also, in today's society, people are more individually judged than by one's racial background.

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