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Do you like to drive fast

             Do you like to drive fast? Every Saturday night my brothers and I like to go street racing. It is a hobby for us; some people like to collect things; we like to build up our cars and race them. So Monday through Friday we work on our cars to get them ready for race night. We change the motor oil, clean the air filter, and make sure all the bolts are nice and tight. We also do a lot of preferment's upgrades such as intake, headers, exhaust. The intake allows the engine to get a lot more air. The headers and exhaust helps the flow of the air out of the engine. There are a lot of things you can do to your car that will make it faster, and perform better. Building up the cars and working on them is half the fun. We also wash are cars on Saturday; right before we go to the races.
             When I say races you might think I am talking about a track you go and run your car. No the truth is we race illegal on back streets and most of the time in deserted areas. As for my brothers and I we don't race like that very often we just watch. Most people that go to the illegal street races just go to watch and hangout but there always going to be people that will race.
             So at 9:00 o"clock pm we leave our house to head downtown Palm Springs to meet up with all the racers. We all meet at the Burger King so we can talk to people and look at everyone's cars and trying to set up races. Most of the people we already know; but some of the time we meet people from other cities. Most of the time the people we don't know like to antagonize us and that is how we end up racing some times for fun and other times for money. But my brothers and I don't like to do it illegally so every other weekend we drive out to California Speedway to race on the drag strip. You pay twenty dollars to race but in a day you can only get two or three races. Because there are so many people out there that want to race. It is cool to go out there and not have to worry about the cops and if you are going to get a really big fine.

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