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Fixing Flaws

             Fixing Flaws.
             What are character flaws? If asked to expound on this question, most people would say that flaws are blemishes in your personality or something you have to work at overcoming. This is partially true, but not all character flaws are that harmless and discreet. Imagine someone who had a character flaw so grand, that in an act of anger and pride, countless men lost their lives. Although this sounds unbelievable, there is a man depicted in the Iliad who did just that. Through one simple act of his anger and unforgiveness thousands of men died, in fact the entire tide of the war was turned so that this man could be avenged. What is the name of this man? Achilles. .
             There were many effects of Achilles" anger and pride, including the death of much of the Greek army. When Achilles was first injured by Agamemnon's betrayal, he made a huge mistake. With help from his mother, the goddess Thetis, Zeus was persuaded into aligning with the Trojans. Until Agamemnon repented to Achilles, he was willing to have his own army fail out on the battlefield, in order for them to see how much they needed him. Even though this was a blatant display of pride, the devastating character flaws get worse. Achilles best friend was killed because of his anger!.
             Sadly, Achilles did not learn from the devastating effects of his character flaws. Much later we see him still in his ship, angry and resentful, as he has been for quite some time. When the Trojan army approaches the ships, Achilles realizes that he needs to take action. Instead of forgiving and forgetting and then fighting, he displays another character flaw by sending his best friend out in his stead. Not being the fighter that Achilles is, Patroklos is killed in battle, thus demonstrating another disasterous effect of Achilles" anger and pride. When hearing the news of Patroklos" death, Achilles is mortified and mourns the tragic loss of his dear friend.

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