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Architectual Design

            Theory of the project: Commodity, Firmness and Delight.
             The country of Greenland is located on the continent of North America. My pavilion was design to highlight several of the activities that are important to Greenlanders. In Greenland, there are few activities that are done and they are different from many other activities that are done in other countries. I decided to display art, a classic tradition of kayak making, traditional dance and a play to recreate the fantastic phenomenon of the northern lights (aura borealis). .
             Greenlanders love to use color in their building designs. The majority of the homes are painted green, red, yellow and blue on the outside. I decided to incorporate the use of these colors in the interior painting in the various rooms. Since Greenlanders love to fish, I decided to put a school of fish carving on the left and right elevation of the exterior walls. The design is actually taken from the Katuaq museum in Nukk, Greenland. They used the design indoors and I placed mine outside. In the Katuaq museum, the design was in the concrete molding in the interior of the building and it represented the stars and the northern lights. My design is on the exterior and it is drawn into the concrete. The school of fish moves in different directions on both sides. The fish design is also incorporated in the two concrete square columns in the rear of the building. .
             Greenland has quite a few delightful features. One of the most prominent of them is the ice plateau that is in the center of the island. This plateau causes one of the worlds most beautiful phenomenons, the aurora borealis. To give visitors to the pavilion of what this is like, I designed the roof to mimic they wavy shape they (aurora borealis) take on. The ice plateau also gave me the idea to use frosted glass for the doors. Since Greenlanders love to carve, I carved diamond shapes in to the glass on the doors and I have strategically placed glass diamonds on the building to continue the theme.

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