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             Stonehenge is a unique structure and the worlds most famous prehistoric monument.
             Over three or four centuries its mystique has framed and focused the investigation of the ancient .
             past of Britian. Spectators respond to it, travelers and Druids worship it, people across the world .
             know what it looks like, and often believe they know what it represents. Stonehenge's structural .
             mystique has fascinated civilizations for over two millenia, and is still doing so today.
             Stonehenge did not always looks like the stone monument that is standing today. .
             Stonehenge was constructed in three distinct phases. The first phase called the earth monument .
             stood somewhere between 2950 B.C. and 2900 B.C. It was then replaced by the Timber .
             Monument which lasted until 2400 B.C. The final stage, the stone monument was constructed .
             between 2550 B.C. and 1600 B.C. During the first phase of the monument there were no stones .
             at this newly developed henge. Around the encircling ditch with two strategically placed .
             entrances in the Northeast and South directions. The monument itself is surrounded by three .
             circles of holes. The first and closest are the "3" holes. Not much information is available on .
             these holes, or the next ring of "Y" holes. The Aubrey Holes make up the best circle. These were .
             appropriately named after their discoverer, John Aubrey. Once believed to hold stones, it is now .
             evident that if in fact they did hold anything it is timber. Other curious artifacts are still being .
             discovered. .
             Animal skeletons remains have been discovered in the encircling ditch. These bones date .
             Lipinski 2.
             back nearly 300 years before the building of the ditch. This means they were not garbage, but .
             particular remains purposely chosen and kept. They were then placed carefully to possibly define .
             key points. Also discovered is a series of post-holes on the Northeast side. These holes suggests a .
             series of wooden doors, which made a triple entrance.

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