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             Man has always been interested in mystery and Stonehenge is one of the most unique and mystical places man has ever studied. There are many theories relating to the mysteries of Stonehenge. It has been stated that construction could have begun as early as 3000 B.C. or as late as 1000 B.C. It is also theorized that Stonehenge is not just a single structure, but also a series of structures that were rebuilt, revised and remodeled over a period of approximately 1500 years. .
             Stonehenge is the oldest pre-historic structure in Western Europe and is considered one of the great Seven Wonders of the World. The name "Stonehenge" is Saxon in origin and means hanging stones. Stonehenge is visible from around one to two miles. It has a plain structure and at first glance appears to be a large pile of rocks, but when looked at more closely, it is a structure of great depth and mystery. .
             Many theories exist concerning how it was built and what its purpose was. Some say Stonehenge was a place the Druids used for religious sacrifice, but others say it was used as a temple of the sun, Pagan Cathedral, holy sanctuary, clock or even a place to predict eclipses. One of the most popular beliefs was that the Druids, who were Celts that arrived in Europe around 500 B.C. and were made up of mostly judges and priests, constructed it for sacrificial ceremonies. However, modern theory leads us to believe this was not possible, as the Druids did not arrive until 1000 years after construction began. No one really knows what it was used for, due to a great number of facts surrounding all of these ideas. Many theories come up when discussing why this great structure was built along with an equal amount on who built it. No one knows for sure what Stonehenge's uses were. The theory that the Druids built it is the most common response because they inhabited most of the area in which Stonehenge is built. The Pagans are another common answer to this age-old question because the building structure resembles a Pagan Cathedral.

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