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             Gilgamesh, a giant among men, someone who had no equal, one who you would think was, without question, a hero. But, despite being 2/3 god, he was a man in many ways. He had questions, struggles, problems, and pain. Most people would have been content where Gilgamesh was, but Gilgamesh wanted more, and that made him a man. But was he a hero? At the start of his story one would think of Gilgamesh as an immature, spoiled, king who cries when he doesn't get his way. Like any man, though, he grows and matures as he meets his life's struggles and deals with them. And at the end of the story, he is hero-ish as it gets.
             Gilgamesh begins his maturing process when he meets Enkido. Enkido, sent by the gods to balance Gilgamesh, sets Gilgamesh down a couple of notches by wrestling with him. Gilgamesh delighted that there is someone who can challenge him. All through the first half of the story Enkido is there to balance all the acts Gilgamesh does. This helps Gilgamesh make different decisions than he normally would have without Enkido. The first real maturing Gilgamesh has to do is when Enkido dies. Gilgamesh is faced with the fact that he is mortal and will eventually die. He is so distraught by the revelation that he sets out on a quest to find immortality. His quest is relatively simple. He sets out to find the first king. The one who ruled the first race of human kind, who was given immortality by the gods, laughs at him when he founds out what Gilgamesh wants. He .
             gives Gilgamesh a chance to get mortality but Gilgamesh fails. Then Gilgamesh departs with the king's wife (the wife must take him across the river of the dead). When he arrives home he asks the queen what she admires most about his kingdom. The queen tells him that she admires the blank wall the most. She tells him the reason she likes it the most is because that is where Gilgamesh will gain his immortality. He will not live for- ever in a fleshly way but will instead he will write his story down on the wall for all to remember.

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