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Gilgamesh a Hero?

             The archetype, or the ancient stereotype, of a hero is that a hero must be brave, loyal, respectful, posse's physical strength, and show no fear. Gilgamesh is an exception as he does not conform to the traits mentioned above. He does though, however, still have the same overall image that we perceive a hero to be.
             Gilgamesh was born powerful and possessed obvious physical strength. In his younger days it was how he used his power which left readers questioning how much of a hero he really was. He would often boast, a typically trait of mythological hero's, but to an extent that made people feel as if he was full of himself. He thought of himself first, instead of the people of Uruk, whom he wasn't respectful towards.
             All of this changed when Gilgamesh with his companion Enkidu. Enkidu taught Gilgamesh the right ways to use his strength and straightened out his ego. Gilgamesh showed off his bravery, loyalty, and respect after meeting Enkidu. Like a typical hero filled with bravery, Gilgamesh didn't show his fear for death and even boasted about if he would die then his name and his story would live on. This shows that Gilgamesh has changed a great deal from his early days as a disrespectful child. It was during this time that Gilgamesh embodied the attributes of a typical hero.
             After the loss of his companion Enkidu, things changed. Gilgamesh began to fear death and was left with overwhelming grief. Despite all of his grief though, Gilgamesh goes on his last journey to find everlasting life, which he plans on sharing with his people. This shows that Gilgamesh is loyal, brave, and respectful towards his people. What that also shows is that Gilgamesh, while not meeting all of the characteristics, is still a hero.

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