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The Concept of War in English Literature

             War has been a fact, and a part of life since the very beginning of the human race.
             years war was primitive, as it was declered to each other by primitive people. War got its share from .
             the develepment of the human race. With the development of the technology new, and deadlier .
             weapons were invented. The aim was to kill as many people at once as possible in the easiest way. So, war has reached its last shape. Superpowers of our time posses weapons which have the ability to destroy cities, countries or/and continents; even the whole world by just pushing a single button. Amazing!.
             However, there were times when people fought with sword, and shield, carrying brilliant silver, gold armors. These were times when people fought for their honour, when wars took place not to destroy, but to protect. These were times when fighting was an honourable , heroic act. Ofcourse, if you were at the right side. The side who fought for the protection of people, the rights of people; for honour against evil.
             At those times legendary wars took place which are still known, tales of which are carried over the years to these days thanks to the oral and written literaturr works. The Battle of Maldon, the fight between Beowulf, and Grendel, and the fight between King Arthur and his brother Sir Mordred were such heroic wars, because the heroes fought for protection, honour; most imprtantly fought against evil. All these wars were depicted in the old oral and written poems of the Anglo-Saxon culture. Thus, the concept of war in old English literature can be summarized as in this statement: " No matter if it leads to victory, or doom, war is an honourable, and heroic act as long as one fights against evil to protect their own rights, own lands, own people. ".
             In the light of this statement it is possible to make further studies on the passages taken from the famuous literature works " The Fight With Grendel ", "The Battle Of Maldon ", and " The Death of Arthur " by Sir Thomas Malory; no need to mention, the ones we have studied this semester.

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