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Amendment essay

            This essay is being written to tell about the Safe Amendment. The amendment was written by citizens after terrorism attacks occurred. It tells about weapon use, the rights of an accused person and about the media. There are some things about this amendment that I do not agree with. .
             I agree with section one. It states that, "The citizens of the Untied States shall enjoy the right of safety from terrorist attacks. I do not like the other sections of this amendment and do not think that they should be part of it. I feel that the rights being taken away from an "accused" terrorist is not right and that Congress have the power to ban concealable weapons. Also, section four, that Congress has the power to pass laws against the media broadcasting information or such things about terrorist propaganda. .
             I agree with section one. Citizens should have the right to feel safe from terrorists. The part about section two is that the fact that an "accused" terrorist do not have their rights. Congress could have the littlest belief that someone is a terrorist and right then and there that person's rights are taken away. The person that is being accused should have their rights and be able to testify why they are not a terrorist. If the court or the person that this person is testifying to, can then decide whether or not that, that person is a terrorist. The other section that I do not agree with is section three. This states that "Congress has the power to ban manufacture, sale, and possession of all handguns and concealable weapons within the territorial boundaries of the United States." Anything that Congress feels is a weapon whether it is a gun or a nail file. Anyone could be carrying around a nail file and congress could think it is a weapon and take it away. Where do they draw the line of a weapon or just something that someone is carrying for personal use? Section four states that Congress has the power to pass laws against the new reports, interviews, or broadcasts with terrorists to the people.

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