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Creation Myth

             As far as legend tells it there existed a powerful entity named Mouldar. He was very powerful and intelligent. He was very lonely in this vast place he existed in. He felt alone and wanted company to entertain him. According to the story Mouldar then created the gods Lavath and Phrya. The two gods were to join together and create something entertaining to please the great Mouldar. Mouldar left what and who to the discretion of the two gods. His only stipulation was that it had to be fun for him to watch for eternity or would destroy them and there creations. .
             The task .
             Lavath and Phrya began the task willingly and tried to come up with something. Both had many great ideas. Lavath wanted to create a fireworks show by creating stars and then destroying them with his mighty powers. Prya said she would create beautiful sculptures of ice to please Mouldar. The both laughed at the other's idea. In anger Lavath and Phrya went their ways and separated time and space into two planes of existence. Dividing the planes with a wall of cinder and ice. All imperfection started when the gods decided not to work together. .
             First creations.
             Lavath then created a being in likeness but opposite of his gender and named her Vidana. Vidana was sensual and graceful unlike her father. She was beautiful in every sense of the word. He gave her the ability to persuade even the great Mouldar into getting what she wanted. Vidana had the ability do whatever she wanted except cross the forbidden wall of cinder and ice. There was great evil beyond that wall was the reason given to her by Lavath. .
             Phrya on the other hand also created a being in her likeness but opposite of her gender. His name was KryoZ. KryoZ was strong, handsome and as sharp as the icy talons on his mother's feet. He was also cunning and great warrior. He was very different from mother. He was granted the ability to do what he wished except cross the wall of cinder and ice.

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