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Minimum wage

             Minimum Wage.
             Minimum wage was introduced in 1938 as part of the Fair Labor Standards Act. It was.
             signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt. The minimum wage at that time was 25 cents .
             an hour. It has risen very slowly since then. Today it stands at $6.75 an hour, in California.
             This wage still keeps most workers unable to provide for the basic needs of their.
             families. Basic needs such as housing, utilities, food and health care have to be chosen one over.
             the other to survive. .
             There are arguments for and against the minimum wage. One argument is that it.
             works against the poor because it allows businesses to exploit workers who have skills.
             worth more than the minimum wage, but they are only paid what the law requires. .
             The worker has very little recourse because the businesses are within the law. The result is.
             that businesses become more profitable but none of it trickles down to the workers.
             One argument in favor of the minimum wage is that it sets a bottom line wage.
             It does not stop businesses from paying workers a higher wage. Both these arguments.
             have some merit, but both have the same result. Why would an employer pay a worker more .
             money if they are not mandated to do so? Most employers are watching the profit margin.
             Bearing those arguments in mind, the minimum wage should be looked at annually and.
             in relation to the cost of living. Lets take California for example. At $6.75 an hour, workers .
             are below the poverty level and cannot make ends meet. This in my view creates a multitude of .
             Firstly you have workers who put in long hours with no benefits, no health care and poor.
             housing. Many of these workers are trying to send their children to school, which puts even .
             more pressure on them. Then because they have to work two sometimes three jobs, they are.
             exhausted and very often get sick. Some families have both parents working so the kids are.

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