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Minimum Wage

            Minimum wage is the price that an employer can pay a worker for an hour of labor.
             was originated in 1938 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law a bill that.
             established a federal minimum wage of twenty-five cents an hour. It was initially applied.
             to employees involved in inter-commerce. It later included employees of companies.
             doing at least five-hundred thousand dollars in business a year and to employees of.
             government agencies such as hospital and schools. Congress and the president have.
             raised the minimum wage over time to reflect changes in the cost of living. The federal.
             government sets a base level for minimum wages, however, states can set wages even.
             higher. I think minimum wage should be increased for many reasons. .
             There are many reasons that I think minimum wage should be increased. My first.
             reason is because it would be an incentive for many people to get a job knowing they.
             would earn a higher income. Many people aren't employed because they don't feel they.
             are earning a high enough income. If the minimum wage is increased it would be in the.
             self interest of the employee since they will be earning a higher income.
             The second reason I think minimum wage should be increased is because it would.
             raise the standard of living by bringing more money into each household. If the standard.
             of living is raised it will cut down the poverty level. .
             My last reason I think we should raise minimum wage is because I think it will cut the.
             poverty level. If people know they will be earning a good income performing fairly easy.
             tasks they will be motivated to get a job. This would help the government and tax payers.
             will be paying less for government funded programs such as welfare. .
             Although I think minimum wage should be increased some people may disagree. .
             Some companies (especially small companies) to come up with the money to pay their.
             workers. This could lead to even larger finance problems such as bankruptcy.

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