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Minimum Wage

             Before 1938 workers were getting paid anywhere from two to four dollars a.
             week depending on what job they preformed and how hard they worked. The.
             not-so-skilled were getting ten to fifteen cents and hour and the somewhat.
             skilled workers were getting twenty to twenty five cents an hour. These.
             obscene wages lasted up until June 27, 1938. This day was a milestone for.
             underpaid workers. Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was President at the time, signed.
             the nations first minimum wage law. This new law put a price floor of.
             twenty-five cents an hour on this rapidly growing market. Not only did the law.
             set an hourly rate, but also a maximum work week of forty-four hours. As time.
             went on, the minimum wage increased. During the Reagan years in 1949, the.
             hourly wage went from forty cents to seventy cents. The increase wouldnt.
             stop there. In 1996, President Clinton raised the minimum wage to five dollars.
             and fifteen cents and hour. Now Sixty-five years later, from when the law was.
             first signed, the federal minimum wage stands at five dollars and fifteen cents. .
             The federal minimum wage didnt stop individual states from raising the wage. .
             California, among a few others, has one of the highest minimum wages in the.
             nation, it is set at six dollars and seventy-five cents. This past November.
             there was a chance to raise it even more, here in California, but Measure 25.
             failed to pass. My name is Ahmad Barakzai and I am for a price floor on minimum.
             wage. I am for a price floor on minimum wage because without it businesses.
             would take advantage of employees.
             The minimum wage law was the smartest bill for Franklin D. Roosevelt to ever.
             think of. This law provides families the opportunity to get by in everyday.
             life. It provides hope for immigrants and refugees to pursue a better life in.
             America. This bill not only helps minorities but also the children of America. .
             It provides a foundation of security for teenagers anywhere from fourteen years.

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