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investigation into enzymes

            A practical investigation to find the effects of exercise.
             And smoking, and their effect on the respiratory.
             And circulatory system.
             The aim of this investigation is to study the effects that.
             Smoking and exercise will have on the Respiratory and Circulatory.
             System. I will do this by running up and down a flight of stairs, I will.
             repeat this twice once with a cigarette and once without.
             1 female smoker (age 35).
             Flight of stairs (13 steps).
             A watch (to take pulse).
             A cigarette.
             To make this a fair investigation I will use the same set of stairs.
             Wear the same clothes and have the same amount of rest time for both investigations, the only thing that will change is I will have a cigarette on the second investigation.
             I believe that my pulse rate will increase more when I have had the cigarette, this is because Nicotine constricts terminal bronchioles , which decreases the respiratory efficiency in smokers.
             To start with I will take my pulse at resting rate, to do this place the middle and forth finger onto the inside of the wrist until the pulse rate could be felt. I then timed it for 15 seconds counting each beat at the same time , I then times this by 4 to get the bpm.
             Run up and down the stairs for two minutes, take the pulse immediately and record the bpm. At this stage I took a five minute break to give my pulse rate chance to get back to normal, repeat this a further five times but changing the length of time , four minutes, six minutes , eight, ten ,twelve recording all the results.
             The second investigation will include all of the above but will include having a cigarette before starting the exercise.
             Table of results.
             As you can see by the results it was found that my heart rate did increase with exercise but it increased more after having a cigarette. This is because the heart has to work a lot harder.
             If I had been walking instead of running up and down the stairs then the pulse rate wouldn't have increased as much because I would not be using the same amount of energy, the more energy.

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