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Growing Up

             In the essay entitled "Hamburger," the author Anthony Walton discusses the facts and myths about football as he sees them. He perceives that football is a man's sport and that it toughens one up not only for sports, but later on in life as well. Using these facts based on his perception of football, he journeys to find a better self and a less grief stricken future.
             In the beginning, his only basis for adopting the idea of football is so that he could prove himself to be a man. He wanted to be part of something that he could get recognized, and the only choice for him at the time being was to play something unheard of, football. You see, football was really sparking up in the sixties, but people didn't play for glory, they played for the love of the game. Through all the trials and triumphs he learned to love it. .
             When he first started playing during his seventh grade year he played noseguard because he was short, slow, and fat but as he grew older and more mature, he turn into an athlete instead of a fat guy on the line taking up space. His whole life became fixed on football. A turning point in his football career came when he had to face up head to head with the biggest and meanest guy on the team. To his surprise he knocked the big guy on his back and earned respect from the whole team. If you are dedicated then you can accomplish anything.
             I also share many of the same experiences that the boy does. I played football for four years and I started in the same fashion that he did except I was very under weight instead of overweight. Football is a sport based on myths and tradition. It is true to assume that football will turn you into a man. Football teaches you respect, self-discipline, integrity, and gives you motivation so that you can achieve any goal in life.
             In conclusion, the boy in the essay grows from an immature boy to a mature young man and mostly because of football.

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