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Brilliant Lies- Text Response

            Brilliant Lies is based on David Williamson's play and explores the dynamics of sex and power and questions of right and wrong, of truth and lies in a modern world where values, and even perceptions are open to question. An attractive young woman accuses her former employer of Sexual Harassment and unfair dismissal, demanding compensation of 40,000 dollars. Brilliant Lies examines the nature of truth and lies through an allegation of Sexual Harassment in the workplace. It challenges our views as we are led to question the truth of the harassment claims made by character Suzy. Furthermore, we are challenged in our possible preconceptions of what constitutes harassment.
             Gary's response to Suzy's allegations of sexual harassment is vigorous denial. Privately, he operated on the not so old code of sex between adults, particularly a self-proclaimed, "sex goddess" like Suzy, as a healthy thing. Publicity, he justifies his actions as a normal interest in an attractive female. Gary certainly seems plausible when he says these things and to some extent even appears as something of a victim in the uncertain relationships between men and woman. He says, "We cant even pay a woman a compliment anymore or your being politically incorrect. David Williamson considered Katy to be the most ethical character within the play; she is motivated by a different set of values from Suzy. Brian is an interesting rogue. He doesn't believe that he has done anything wrong at all when its blatantly obvious to the reader that he has done just about everything wrong. Some could argue that Brian has abused his position of power and trust as a father.
             The world of Brilliant lies is a murky one in which traditional concepts of right and wrong are as outmoded as Paul's Christianity is ambushed. In such a world what constitutes an unacceptable or unforgivable act. Brilliant lies demonstrated some of the key features and dilemmas of the dispute resolution system for cases of sexual discrimination.

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