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            What is meant by the term communication? This is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behaviour. There are two kinds of communication, both depending upon the viewpoint assumed. There is outflowing communication and inflowing communication. A person who is talking to somebody else is communicating to that person (we trust), and the person who is being talked to is receiving communication from that person. Now as the conversation changes, we find the person who has been talked to is now doing the talking, and is talking to the first person, who is now receiving communication from him.
             At Westminster University there are several forms of communication that are used in order to transfer information from one place to the next. They are effective in that they carry out the task at hand and information can be exchanged.
             The Internet is a major source of communication used at Westminster University as it allows information about the University to be accessed by everyone. It has specific information that is uploaded to the website and so this enables anyone with an Internet facility to access it. It is a quick and efficient way of gathering information about Westminster University.
             The Intranet is an internal facility that operates along the Internet, within the Universities website. It is another efficient way of gathering information but goes more in depth. Class notes, discussion topics and lecture reviews can be accessed on here.
             This system is another main and useful source of communicating and is used both internally and externally. It allows information to be transferred and received without having to be present. At Westminster they operate their own web-mail system where-by everyone has their own personalised address which makes communicating to people that much easier. .
             This is a discussion board that operates within the Universities Intranet facility and it allows communication amongst class students and teachers to take place.

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