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Gun Control

             Whenever someone dies from an accidental, or even a premeditated murder, it seems as though gun control advocates march to the stands, presenting their case about how every murder that is committed by a gun is due to the lack of stricter gun control laws. This just simply isn't true, and the facts prove that stricter gun control laws will prevent nothing. Granted there is the occasional accident, but the fact of the matter is that criminals don't buy legalized weapons (Just Take Away Their Guns), and the creation of stricter gun laws only hurts the manufacturers and the legal consumers. In my opinion, gun control laws are simply just a waste of time and statistically they solve nothing.
             Many gun manufacturers typically make their sales at gun shows, which are normally in towns for only a few days. However, stricter gun control laws have only hurt their market for success. Often times now, the waiting period and the background checks that are required by law when selling a gun take longer than the gun shows are in town. The fear is mainly that gun shows provide an easier route for criminals to purchase weapons. However, the same background checks, which are required by law when purchasing a gun, are instituted at gun shows as the ones from local dealers. It's not an issue of the background checks. They should be done, but as a result of the longer waiting period, gun manufacturers are losing their sales.
             As far as child accidents with gun go, the mainstream media has caused an uproar in concern when in fact gun accidents involving children are actually at an all time low. More children die each year from falling off their bicycles, or drowning in their swimming pool, then in a gun related accident. It just seems like a lot more, because the media presents every single case to the public causing greater concern. The majority of reported gun related violence involving children come as the result of young teenage males joining gangs, and the guns that they use aren't typically purchased legally.

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