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            It has always been thought by almost everyone that the drug marijuana has always been more dangerous than alcohol, since alcohol is legal and marijuana is illegal, is very simple to think that alcohol is safer. But research that has been done for this essay may prove this opinion wrong. As this essay goes along the essay will read first some general information about marijuana and alcohol, like various types of cannabis, how marijuana can be used as medication, the different therapeutic uses of marijuana, different ways to take it, how alcohol is produced, how much is needed for intoxication. Some history of both drugs will be told. Second the most important of all, the effects of both drugs on the human body for example the dangers like over dosage, brain damage, birth defects, heart problems, the reproductive system. Another issue that will be discussed will be the different effects of driving under both drugs, and which receives a harsher punishment if caught by the law, and finally then the issue on how both drugs get involved with the law will be discussed, examples like domestic violence, assault, theft, buying and dealing marijuana, and much more different kind of crimes involving marijuana and alcohol.
             Alcohol is a depressant drug that relaxes and reduces inhibitions. Alcohol is produced by the fermentation of fruits, vegetables or grains. Alcohol is mainly produced of water and ethanol (the main intoxicating ingredient in alcohol) or ethyl alcohol to varying strengths. .
             Alcohol goes a long way in history. There are records of wine making dating back to Egyptian times about 3,500 BC. But however it is believed that alcohol drinking goes back as to the beginning of the human race. Alcohol has been widely used for social, religious, personal use throughout history. Many people use alcohol as a way to escape the boredom and pain of their daily working lives, and also to escape any serious problems they might have in their personal lives, or most the most probable to just have fun and hang out with friends.

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