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             This is a conversation between two students at Pasadena City College.
             Duke's friends who with a sign and symptoms like leukemia have just .
             sends .
             to hospital. Duke is a little worried and uncomfortable about Adult .
             Acute .
             Leukemia. At the same time, Jeff presents many valid arguments in favor .
             of .
             it. Duke presents many medical questions that Jeff answers.
             Duke: Hey, Jeff. One of my good friends has just sent to hospital with .
             a .
             suspect of leukemia, which made me worried and uncomfortable. And there .
             are .
             many medical questions, such as: what is leukemia, what are the key .
             statistics for adult acute leukemia, risk factor, classified, symptoms, .
             diagnosed and treated, should be answered.
             Jeff: I am so sorry to hear that. And I was just doing a project with .
             generally leukemia. Leukemia is cancer of the white blood cells. This .
             cancer .
             starts in the bone marrow but can then spread to blood, lymph nodes, .
             the .
             spleen, liver, central nervous system and other organs. In contrast, .
             other .
             types of cancer can start in these organs and then spread to the bone .
             marrow .
             or elsewhere. Those cancers are not leukemia. Both children and adults .
             can .
             develop leukemia.
             Duke: what is the difference between normal blood cells and leukemia .
             Jeff: blood cells form in the bone marrow, which is the soft material .
             in the .
             center of most bones. Most blood cells mature in the bone marrow and .
             then .
             move into the blood vessels. In people with leukemia, the bone marrow .
             produces abnormal white blood cells. The abnormal cells are leukemia .
             cells. .
             When they crowd out normal white blood cells, red blood cells, and .
             platelets, which makes it hard for blood to do its work.
             Duke: Is it only one disease? What are the key statistics for adult .
             Jeff: No, it is a complex disease with many different types and .
             sub-types. .
             The leukemia that adult developed is called Adult Acute Leukemia. About .
             30,600 new cases of leukemia will be diagnosed in the United States .

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