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All leukemia in todays youth

             Leukemia is an all too common occurrence in today's youth. We may not realize the importance that the treatment to cure this disease has on the child's body. "In the 1960s, less than 5 percent of children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survived for more than five years. Today, about 85 percent of children with ALL live five years or more (Cancer.gov)." However, the strides we have made are exceptional; the side effects of the chemo-therapy process are extremely trying. Many of the drugs used in the use of the treatment belong to a group of medicines known as "antineoplastics" (Cancer.gov). Most antineoplastics work by stopping cell division in one or another stage of the cell cycle. ALL leukemia has a variety of treatments but use very similar drugs and approaches for the treatment. Treatments vary from person to person as does the use of medications and length of medication. The treatment really depends on how quickly your body goes into remission and how long your body stays in remission. A complete remission for ALL Leukemia is when test show no signs of leukemia cells in your blood and bone marrow and that your platelets and white blood counts have returned to normal levels. If a person does not respond quickly enough to only the chemotherapy agents then they will be placed into a more severe treatment plan. This could involve the use of radiation treatment and many times surgery or in this case bone marrow transplant.
             ALL occurs in the white blood cells of an individual. White blood cells form by cloning in the bone marrow. Normally white blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and transferred to the blood on a continuous basis. However, in ALL patients, the same process occurs, except that there is prolonged proliferation of white blood cells. Normally blood cell production in the bone marrow provides the blood with all the cells needed. ALL results in reduced levels of the other components produced in the marrow.

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