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Alcoholism is a Disease

             Alcoholism an overflowing disease in our society, it's fatal and will last a persons entire lifespan. Alcohol affects all types of cells in the body, including those in the central nervous system (Tore 19). After continuous use of alcohol, the brain adapts and begins to become dependant on people. Alcoholics tend to have a way of life in which they have no control over consuming alcohol they drink excessively while dealing with people, work, and life. Although alcoholics may come from social, cultural, and psychological influences, alcoholism is not a symptom of other illnesses or personal problems it is a disease in which people who suffer from alcoholism have no control over their human body physically and mentally.
             Most people who suffer from alcoholism will have a hard time getting well; the only true treatment is abstinence from alcohol. Alcoholics who decide to quit often relapse, for the simple fact that their friends drink around them and don't recognize the dangers of alcoholism and how serious the disease really is. Alcoholics must realize the foods they eat as well as over the counter medication they take are important, a small amount may cause a major relapse. For example, if a person walks into a store and buys cough medicine and drinks a bit to get rid of their illness it may, contain alcohol, also in some foods cooks put rum to add flavor to their foods this may also cause a major relapses. I believe the most helpful breakdown an alcoholic can have is awareness of his or her situation with alcoholism. .
             Alcoholics have little or no control over the quantity or duration of their drinking when suffering from alcoholism, it is referred to as loss of control according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol. Most of the time alcoholics tend to deny their problems and leave it up to friends, family or even co-workers to help them. As they continue to drink they become more tolerant to the effects of alcohol and require more to become intoxicated.

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