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High on Red Bull

            For some people, there's nothing better than reading something that's been banned from major retailers. Most people will agree that when being told not to do something, they feel more inclined to rebel. In this case, FHM Magazine had been banned from Kmart and Wal-Mart because of it's "distasteful" content. FHM (For Him Magazine) hasn't been welcomed into these wholesome communities because most of its pages are filled with women that are barely clothed and articles written in a mature style. The magazine is obviously for entertainment and keeping their readers updated on recent pop culture phenomenon and satisfying their need to see scantily clad women. The women aren't completely naked, but are usually wearing see-thru tops, minimal bikinis, or holding their breasts in their hands while exposing their bottom. People fear that these images are degrading to women, even though a female celebrity usually is photographed on several pages and that the message of the magazine promotes ideas that are not beneficial to society. .
             Interestingly, the features are not the only components of the magazine aimed to be racy, but the advertisements are created in a way not found in other typical entertainment magazines, like People or Cosmopolitan. Of course this magazine is targeted to men, ages 18 to 40, and the readers are supposed to identify with the ad. One ad in particular, however, promotes a product consumed by men and women, but alludes to a lifestyle that is typically not accepted by either. .
             The advertisement fills one page. The top half of this page has a picture of a man, roughly around 25 years of age, lying on a bed without any linen, staring at a light hanging from the ceiling. In his hand is a dark bottle, one might assume a large beer bottle or wine bottle, and below the picture is a checklist. Before reading this list, the reader is already assuming that the ad must be for a beverage or clothing company, since his style is somewhat distinguishable.

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