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Deconstructing Quentin Tarantino

             • Resemblances and repetitions of Antinomies.
             • Master antinomy of the father and the son'.
             • Tarantino's estranged relationship with his real father, and two step fathers.
             Relations of Father and Son in Reservoir Dogs.
             • All powerful Father Figure, Genesis creation, Joe renames sons- color coding.
             • Rebellion of the son resulting in despair.
             - Mr. Blond betrays Joe "I have no boss-.
             - Mr. Orange betrays his mentor Mr. White by being the cop informer.
             - Mr. White chooses Mr. Orange over Joe.
             • Rebellion against father resulting in fortune.
             - Mr. Pink complaining about tips and his name, he is the only survivor and gets the loot.
             • Loyalty to the father, inheritor of misfortune.
             - Eddie taking a bullet for Joe despite threat of "adopted son- Mr. Blonde.
             Relations of Father and Son in Pulp Fiction.
             • All powerful Father Figure- Marsellus Wallace.
             - Fixing the boxing match of Butch.
             - Ordering Vincent & Jules to kill Bret because of a screwed up operation.
             - Ordering Vincent to go out with his wife Mia.
             - Winston Wolf the tux clad clean-up guy executes a hands down performance & demands respect to elders.
             • Loyalty to the father resulting in despair.
             - Vincent resists Mia's temptation, Oedipus complex is surpassed, however he still dies in the end.
             • Loyalty to the father resulting in redemption.
             - Jules and eventually Vincent follow Wolf's every order and is saved from the Bonnie Situation.
             - Butch retrieves his father's gold watch despite the danger and he is able to kill Vincent in his toilet.
             • Rebellion of the son resulting in despair.
             - Bret double crosses Marsellus and is terminated.
             • Rebellion of the son resulting in redemption.
             - Butch wins the boxing match despite the fix order, he is hunted down by Marsellus but is let go after he saves Marsellus from homo-erotic faggot rapists.
             - Jules kills and blasphemes but is miraculously spared from death, he changes his evil ways becomes the prodigal son.

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