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kill bill movie review

            Kill Bill Volume I, directed by Quentin Tarantino, is a hot new epic martial arts thriller, which has received both positive, and negative feedback. Tarantino's directing style has been put in the spotlight along with his recent movie Pulp Fiction, receiving negative feedback because of the excessive gore and violence portrayed in the movie. Many are excited about the release of Kill Bill, but others are still skeptical on the violence aspect. With all the controversy over Kill Bill, the film has become a hot topic for the movie review world. The first critic, Peter Travers, highly salutes the film giving it four stars, saying "Tarantino brings delicious sin back to movies "the thrill you get from something down, dirty and dangerous-(Travers). A second critic, Michael Medved, criticizes the film saying, "There is no plot, no characters, no diverting dialogue about the Bible, Big Macs, or anything else-(Medved). Both critics disagree on three main points in the movie; the wedding scene, the fight with the henchmen, and the overall animation.
             In order for the reader to understand the viewpoints of both Medved and Travers, he or she would need to know a little background information on the movie. Uma Thurman plays the character of "Black Mamba-, an assassin plotting revenge upon an ex-boss, Bill, who tried to have her assassinated. This attempted assassination put "Black Mamba- into a four yearlong coma, she now seeks revenge on all that have betrayed her. First she takes on the death squad members one-by-one, and then she seeks only to kill Bill.
             After living most of her life as an assassin, Thurman decides to settle down and get married to her once beloved Bill. Then on her wedding day she receives the surprise of her life, when she and all her guests are left for dead at her wedding ceremony. Medved explains this scene as being uninformative of what was happening. He also notes the improbability of Thurman's escape, being that her multiple assassins are supposed to be highly trained (Medved).

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