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Reservoir Dogs

             RESEVOIR DOGS was first shown at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.
             Director of Photography Andrzej Sekula.
             Executive Producers Richard N. Gladstein.
             Ronna B. Wallace.
             Monte Hellman.
             Co-Producer Harvey Keitel.
             Producer Lawrence Bender.
             Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino.
             I choose Reservoir Dogs for its way of telling the plot in a different way. The movie starts with eight men sitting around a table in a breakfast café talking. Six of them are hired by Joe and his son, Eddie, to rob a jewelry store. We see the story unfolded with many cuts back in time, to see how they were hired and what happened to them after the robbery. The plot is told in a warehouse, which is their rendezvous point, while they are waiting for Joe to turn up, but everything goes wrong. .
             The editing and camera work is very well planned, the characters in the movie tell the story. They discussing what went wrong and the camera cut back in the plot and shows us what happened. We see many close-ups and extreme close-ups of the characters face expressions which make us feel that we are closer to the action we see on the screen. .
             The scene discussed here is when Mr. Blond torture a cop in a warehouse, here the sequence is timed with the music. The narration of the plot and how the camera works during the whole movie will be discussed in a critical way. What narration codes and types of cutting are used so we as viewers are engaged in the storytelling? .
             A narrator is one who tells a story, in movies it seems that there is not one, though the camera itself is the narrator. It presents us with shots in a certain sequence that we as viewers read'. We decode the narrative of the shots that are presented to us (Internet, narration in the media). Reservoir Dogs (RD) has a rare way of structuring the plot; we can ask ourselves many questions in the end, what happened to Mr. Pink and the jewels? As a viewer you never know what happened.

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