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Expectations and Society

             The question of the matter is whether you should do something or not because you"re expected to. Whereas its really a question of how you view our society. Take, for instance, the boy who sees these big guys going off to war carrying big weapons. He's probably going to dream about being in the army. Then some day when he gets old enough he's going to go off to war and get killed because society gleams on the fact that if you go to war your going to be a hero. Now if you say went to Vietnam, people just where disgusted at you because of the mindless slaughter. Where the fact is that none of the people rally wanted to get dragged into the war in the first place. .
             Another example is tipping; you should tip if the waiter or waitress is a good server. Except for that most people just tip because society deems it right. Then there are the people that are saying "well its figured into there pay." What about the McDonalds workers getting dirt pay. What about them. What society is saying is that tip these people but don't tip this person. Who is society to say who should get tipped and who shouldn't? Look at it this way, all men are created equal right? Well what about those who are in the same line of work and don't even get the benefit of tips. That doesn't sound very equal to me.
             A movie states this clearer than I probably could. This movie name is "Reservoir Dogs." Rent it some time and you will see what I mean. Steve Buscemi renders this point. (From "Fargo", "Con Air", "Big Daddy", and many others.) .
             There you have my view on who decides what we should or shouldn't do.

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