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Cannabis Drugs

            For the last few years, there has been much media hype about Cannabis. There have been talks about medical Marijuana, allowing farmers to use low THC types of marijuana for hemp, and completely legalizing Marijuana. The fiery debates have been brought to my attention by the media just recently. Being a teenager myself, I have become quite interested in Marijuana. Although most of my friends have tried Marijuana, and Marijuana is quite easily available where I lived in California, I have never tried it myself. I remember the time when my friends, Jeremyand steven was selling Marijuana right out of his locker. It was last year during PE, and I distinctly remember it. When I realized what he was doing, I asked if I could look at the Marijuana because I had never seen any before. When he showed it to me, it was not what I had expected. It was in a little plastic bag, called a "dime" (10 dollars worth), and was a sticky darkish brown with little red hairs. The street name for this sub-specie of Cannabis was "Skunk". Being as interested in Anarchy, bombs, and basically anything that's illegal, I know quite a lot about marijuana. I know that there are male and female marijuana plants and that the female marijuana plants are more prized for their higher THC content. I also know that there is a different species of Cannabis other then Cannabis Sativa. One popular one is Cannabis Indica. I also know of the street name of the many sub species of Marijuana: Northern Lights, Super Skunk, Orange Bud, Durban, and literally 20 more. I know the physical dangers of using Marijuana (unfortunately from a biased point of view a teenager's), and I know that Marijuana is prohibited. Ever since then, I have wanted to learn more about Cannabis. I have many questions about it.

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