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             What immediately comes into your mind? .
             Druggies out on the streets, totally out of it and swaggering around like drunks? .
             Many people are under these false images. Cannabis users are classed as the lowest .
             of the low, drug abusers and criminals. Well, here is the truth about Cannabis. It is .
             also known as Marijuana, Dope, Grass, Ganja, Weed, Puff, Gear, and Hash, is a .
             Class B drug. This means if you are found in possession or found to be involved in .
             supplying it you can be put in prison for a maximum of 14 years or an unlimited .
             This is Cannabis. It comes in three forms, dried herb, resin or a sticky liquid. .
             They all come from the plant Cannabis Sativa which grows throughout the world. .
             Cannabis is most commonly smoked. Sometimes it is smoked with tobacco which .
             has the same effects as smoking tobacco on its own. Nowadays the smoking of .
             Cannabis through pipes is becoming more common. This is safe as it does not have .
             the same effects as tobacco. Cannabis is not addictive. There have been no recorded .
             deaths related to Cannabis .
             So, you think, what is the point of all this? Well, I"ll tell you. Cannabis is an .
             effective pain reliever. It does not kill. But despite this it is an illegal drug. Millions .
             die of smoking related diseases and alcohol poisoning each year. Cigarettes and .
             alcohol are legal, Cannabis isn't. Why? Nobody knows. Maybe because the .
             government receives taxes. The effects last from 1-4 hours.
             These are the effects of Cannabis:.
             The most common are talkativeness, cheerfulness, relaxation and greater .
             appreciation of sound and color. Cannabis is an effective reliever of the symptoms .
             of multiple sclerosis, hypoglycaemia and, in certain instances, as a medication for .
             the terminally ill.
             It is important to remember that Cannabis has been used medically .
             world-wide for centuries, and in this country it was legally prescribed up until 1928, .
             however many people still use it illegally as an effective medicine.

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