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             In this essay I am going to use facts for and against the legalisation of Cannabis. I think Cannabis should be legalised and will use facts to show why.
             I think if Cannabis was legalised alcohol related crime would go drastically down and the NHS would stop using medicines which have side effects and don't work. It would also create employment for growers and if legalised would become one of the cheapest medicines in the world. .
             The European medical The Lancet stated " The smoking of Cannabis, even in the long term, is not harmful to health. It would be reasonable to judge Cannabis as less of a threat than alcohol and tobacco.".
             Fifty thousand people die each year from alcohol poisoning, four hundred thousand people die each year from tobacco use less and than 10,000 die each year from all illegal drugs. In 1990, 15% of fatal road accidents were alcohol related and 32% of all pedestrians killed in road accidents were over the legal blood-alcohol level for driving. .
             Marijuana is non-toxic and cannot cause death by overdose. There are no cases of death by Cannabis use. If made legal consumption of alcohol would no doubt go down, and with it, alcohol related crime.
             The Government could put tax on it, creating a new source of income and at the same time preventing organised crime and drug barons from making huge profits. The price of illegal drugs is determined by a demand-led market. Using illegal drugs is very expensive. This means that some dependent users resort to stealing to raise funds (accounting for 50% of UK property crime - estimated at £2 billion a year).
             Cannabis can be used to treat Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, migraines and constant pain. Making Cannabis available in a variety of forms, including the natural, will allow patients some control over the treatment they receive. There is overwhelming evidence that medical use is beneficial.
             The standard argument against legalising cannabis is that people who use cannabis sometimes go onto to harder drugs.

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