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Liberty or Liability

             Langston Hughes's short story "One Friday Morning" depicts into racial discrimination in the 1940's. Nancy Lee, an African-American high school student, has a special talent in art that sets her aside from other students who attend her school. Due to racial discrimination, Nancy Lee's talent is overlooked and her race becomes the deciding factor in a decision that could change her life. Although talented, Nancy Lee is stricken with the fact that the nation she has grown to pledge and honor, is not as equal and righteous as she has always presumed.
             Significant hints of racial injustice were given throughout this tragic story. Hughes states that " .nobody had expected Joe Williams to win the Artist Club scholarship with that funny modernistic water color he had done of the high-level bridge." This statement provides the reader information that the Artist club could have a biased opinion on who is awarded their scholarship. Also, Langston Hughes states in the story that "Nancy Lee's father was a mail carrier, her mother a social worker in a settlement house. Her parents were, like most Americans, simple, ordinary people who had worked hard and steadily for their education."(Hughes pg 392) This tells the reader that Nancy Lee has lived a comfortable life and has not been faced with forms of discrimination. Due to her unawareness, Nancy Lee is faced with acceptance, then deception, which in terms effects her dearly. .
             Being a student at George Washington High School, Nancy Lee has only been faced with equality during her matriculation. Due to the welcoming treatment of her peers and teachers, Nancy Lee was sometimes not aware that she was colored. Hughes states in the story that ".and had never seemed to intrude or stand out, except in pleasant ways, so it was seldom even mentioned - her color. Nancy Lee sometimes forgot she was colored herself." Blinded by the fact that she has always been seen as equal, Nancy Lee and her teacher Miss Dietrich decide to enter one of Nancy's paintings in the Artist Club competition.

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