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Ishmael Essay

             When I started to read this book, I thought that I had my life completely planned out and I couldn’t wait to start my own journey “to save the world”. I wanted to complete my education, and travel all over the world helping people in third world countries, now however, I am not sure. How can I be so eager to help mankind if mankind is not willing to help save the environment in which they exist?.
             To start off, I would like to discuss the often debated and frequently scrutinized topic of creation. Ishmael (Quinn) starts his teaching of creation with the beginning of chapter 3. My idea of creation always dealt with the thought of mankind evolving from the primates, but after reading this section I realize that there is so much more.
             Throughout history we see several different versions of the creation of the universe, the earth, the living organisms, and eventually of mankind. The first one,.
             obviously needing to be acknowledged, is the religious version of our arrival to what we now call “home”. .
             According to Genesis, God created the heavens and the earth and all living things in 7 days. The first to come was heaven, then earth, the sea and all the earth’s vegetation, next the light, on the 4th day god created the birds and the animals to inhabit the seas, then next the mammals to reign over the land, and on the 6th day God created Man, to reign over it all. After creating a garden in the east, The Garden of Eden, god placed the man that he created there. God then placed Adam into a deep sleep and removed from him a rib to create Woman. Quinn briefly mentions Genesis chapter 3 on page 172-173. Also according to Genesis Adam and Eve bore two sons, Cain, a tiller or Taker, and Abel, a sheep herder or Leaver. As technology spread throughout the fertile crescent, few men stood firm in the hunter-gatherer mentality, most of the world had developed techniques in which to grow and harvest their own food.

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